Saroj Adhikari

Assistant Professor of Physics, SUNY Plattsburgh


Profiles on Google Scholar and iNSPIRE-HEP

No. Author(s) Title and Journal Link arXiv Link
11 S. Adhikari The Hubble tension in the non-flat Super-LCDM model arXiv:2203.04835
10 S. Adhikari and D. Huterer Super-CMB fluctuations and the Hubble tension arXiv:1905.02278
9 S. Adhikari and D. Huterer A new measure of tension between experiments arXiv:1806.04292
8 X. Li, N. Weaverdyck, S. Adhikari, D. Huterer, J Muir and HY Wu The Quest for the Inflationary Spectral Runnings in the Presence of Systematic Errors arXiv:1806.02515
7 J. Muir, S. Adhikari and D. Huterer Covariance of CMB anomalies arXiv:1806.02354
6 S. Adhikari, A-S. Deutsch and S. Shandera Statistical anisotropies in temperature and polarization fluctuations from a scale-dependent trispectrum arXiv:1805.00037
5 S. Adhikari, D. Jeong and S. Shandera Constraining primordial and gravitational mode coupling with the position-dependent bispectrum of the large-scale structure arXiv:1608.05139
4 S. Adhikari, S. Shandera and A.L. Erickcek Large-scale anomalies in the cosmic microwave background and signatures of non-Gaussianity arXiv:1508.06489
3 S. Adhikari Local variance asymmetries in Planck temperature anisotropy maps arXiv:1408.5396
2 A.B. Mantz et. al Weighing the giants-IV. Cosmology and neutrino mass arXiv:1407.4516
1 S. Adhikari, S. Shandera and N. Dalal Higher moments of primordial non-Gaussianity and N-body simulations arXiv:1402.2336